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Continues to be an honor representing the 70th District!

"The enthusiasm and support for the campaign so far has been outstanding and I'm very thankful for that. I plan to carry the momentum forward and hope to have the opportunity to continue to serve.

Increasing access to healthcare, expanding broadband internet access, investing in our local roads, and keeping taxes low remain top priorities. We've proven time and again in Wisconsin that removing bureaucratic burdens for workers and job creators, combined with responsible budgeting, allows us to make investments in our local communities. That includes investments in a quality education for our children, career and workforce development programs, and taking care of our most vulnerable, including seniors and their caretakers.

To say this is a unique time is an understatement. The fall-out from COVID-19 and some of the actions that have been taken as a result of it by state and local leaders has turned people's lives upside down. Many individuals here in the district have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and have not been able to receive their unemployment benefits because of a floundering Department of Workforce Development.


I hear from those individuals every day, and my office is working hard to assist them in any way we can. It is unacceptable that folks are not receiving basic government services and the compensation they're entitled to. Right now, a top priority is continuing to do whatever I can to make sure those individuals get their benefits as soon as possible."

This Session
Nancy worked very hard as a leader or supporter of many key legislative issues:

A true leader for the District:

  • First elected as State Representative in the 70th Assembly District in 2014

  • Serves as the Chairperson of the Assembly Committee on Rural Development, a position she's held since the 2016 legislative session.

  • Serves as the Vice-Chairperson of the Assembly Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.

  • Member of the Assembly Committees on Agriculture, Consumer Protection, Health, Labor and Integrated Employment (Vice-Chair), Mental Health, and Tourism.

  • Appointed to serve on the bipartisan Speaker's Task Force on Suicide Prevention this legislative session and authored and passed legislation focused on developing and providing resources to local mental health coalitions across the state.

Solutions...talking and listening to each other's concerns & ideas

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