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Affordable Healthcare
Nancy worked to make healthcare affordable and available to
Wisconsinites by:

  • Protecting those with pre-existing conditions

  • Allowing chambers of commerce and the farm bureau to pool together to buy insurance, driving down premium costs for small businesses and farmers.

  • Authoring the Nurse Licensure Compact legislation allowing nurses to cross state lines to provide care in our communities, reducing the workforce shortage.

Nancy voted to improve education for our children by:

  • Freezing tuition at UW System Schools for another 2 years.

  • Increasing funding by $200 per year per student in our public schools.

  • Fighting for additional money in the sparsity aid program, helping our rural schools with transportation costs and targeting our low spending districts with additional state help.

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable
Nancy delivered results for those who need it most by:

  • Continuing the Heroin Opiate Prevention and Education (HOPE) agenda to combat the rising number of drug overdoses.  

  • Passing a package of proposals that increase support and provides additional resources to those in the Foster Care community.  

  • Helping individuals and families dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia by increasing the number of dementia care specialists.


Proudly representing the 70th District

proud of our heritage family farm.

Solutions...talking and listening to each other's concerns & ideas

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"I am honored to be elected to my third term as your representative in the state Assembly. In the last few months, the visits I have had with all of you has inspired me. These conversations will continue to inspire and guide me into the next session as I have the honor of representing you in the Assembly."


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