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Authored Legislation Enacted into Law

I have supported a number of initiatives related to election integrity, reforming emergency powers authority pertaining to public health, and medical freedom.  In addition to a number of my legislative initiatives being directly incorporated into this session's state budget, to date, I have had five authored pieces of legislation pass both houses of the Legislature and be signed into law with bipartisan support.  That enacted legislation directly benefits your friends and neighbors in the 70th Assembly District, and I'm happy to share that. 

Assembly Bill 148 - Now 2021 Wisconsin Act 10

Additional omnibus bill passed March of 2021 to continue to assist health care providers throughout the State deal with COVID-19 response issues and facilitate access to care, including allowing for temporary credentialing of out-of-state professionals, bed availability, and ease of providing 'hospital at home' services.

Assembly Bill 125 - Now 2021 Wisconsin Act 23

Helps increase patient access to Physician Assistance, especially in less densely populated areas of the state, by modifying the relationship between Physicians and Physician Assistants from a supervisory to collaborative model.

Assembly Bill 302 - Now 2021 Wisconsin Act 86

Removes bureaucratic hurdles for relatively smaller municipalities throughout the state when they undertake a water meter installation or replacement project.  Bill provoked by issues the Village of Vesper was experiencing with state's Public Service Commission.

"The language in the bill...would be a tremendous help to utilities like ours who are facing infrastructure upgrades like we are.  Thank you for your time and what you do for our community." -- Dustin - Wood County

Assembly Bill 497 - Now 2021 Wisconsin Act 110

Creates efficiencies for paper producers throughout the state and allows paper manufacturers with a capable chemical recovery boiler to complete a required safety inspection from the state on a two-year, rather than an annual basis.  Helps to minimize costly production shut-downs and provides a practical change to current state oversight of the paper industry that has a direct positive impact on workers and their families, organizations and their productivity, and has environmental benefits, to boot.

Assembly Bill 410 - Now 2021 Wisconsin Act 123

Allows the State of Wisconsin to enter into the Occupational Therapy Compact.  Allows Occupational Therapist Assistants to voluntarily choose to obtain a compact license to practice in other compact states, and increases access to care for Wisconsin residents by allowing health care providers to utilize compact licensees from other states to provide care locally when needs arise, all while utilizing a known model that preserves quality of care.

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