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VanderMeer votes to protect pre-existing conditions

As someone who has several immediate family members with a pre-existing conditions, ensuring they are covered under health insurance is the highest priority to me and my family.

Our family would be terribly impacted if loved ones couldn’t get coverage simply because of their pre-existing conditions.

That is why I am voting for Nancy VanderMeer. Nancy understands how important it is to protect those with pre-existing conditions, and has vowed to always make sure people like my loved ones with pre-existing conditions don’t lose coverage.

It is one thing to talk about protecting people with pre-existing conditions, it is another thing to actually do something about it.

Nancy voted in 2017 to protect folks with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage in a Wisconsin Assembly vote. The record speaks for itself. Thank you, Nancy, for standing up for people like us and protecting our health care.

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