An Ideal Representative

Imagine the kind of person you would like to represent you in our state assembly in Madison. Wouldn’t you want to have a person who is knowledgeable about modern agriculture? And if that person lives and works on a farm, that surely would be an added value.

If you were a businessperson, wouldn’t you also want your representative to understand the challenges of running a business (e.g. a car dealership) and has experience with the ways the government can support or destroy a business?

I would prefer a representative who takes extra efforts to connect with constituents, listens to their problems, and is available to meet in their office to discuss urgent needs. An ideal representative would be someone who genuinely hears your concerns, writes laws that can solve your problems, and works tenaciously until your solutions are successful.

That is the cake. Now here is the frosting; someone who is gracious, encouraging, and appreciative of others, and who has a track record of reaching across the aisle to get legislative work done.

It certainly would be wonderful if that person also has a long-time connection to the community—you know, one of those people who seems to know everyone—and can call them by name. Wait! We have someone who has everything on my wish list. Her name is Nancy VanderMeer. This November vote for Nancy, and let the best representative continue to do her job!

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