Nancy is a leader in Broadband Legislation

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many things to light in 2020, with perhaps one of the biggest issues being the need for digital connectivity.

With more people working and schooling remotely, along with the increased need for tele-health, we need leaders in Wisconsin who understand the complexity and challenges of deploying broadband, and are committed to eliminating the disparities in broadband access that remain across our state.

State Representative Nancy Vandermeer is one of those leaders. During her time in the state assembly, Nancy has been a champion for rural broadband by prioritizing broadband initiatives. As chair of the Committee on Rural Development, Nancy was a driving force behind 2019 Wisconsin Act 128, a law that created tax exemptions for broadband providers, ultimately helping companies like ours stretch their resources and work to help to connect more broadband customers in rural and underserved Wisconsin.

Nancy also played a role in bringing the Broadband Forward legislation into law, which encourages communities to actively take steps toward increasing broadband access for the people who live and work in their area.

Leaders in the state of Wisconsin have a goal in place to provide affordable broadband access to every Wisconsinite by 2025, and the events of 2020 have only accelerated the demand. I have no doubt that Nancy will continue her efforts if re-elected on November 3rd, to help ensure that digital connectivity is a reality for all residents of the state of Wisconsin.

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